Add a Sub-Domain

With inCMS you can add a sub-domain to your website.

This is the perfect solution for a landing page. With the help of a template you can easily create a landing page. 

You can pick one you like and confirm by double clicking. Now give the newly created Website an inCMS Domain and a name.

Then confirm with the option „create website“.

In a next step click on the website to get to the preferences. 

Here click on "Add Domains" and select the third option.

Now type in the sub-domain for your landing page and click on "Continue".

InCMS is now displaying your CNAME for the sub-domain. Make sure you copy that value.

Next go to your domain host, select your domain and go to the advanced DNS options. 

Now you should add a new CNAME Record and type in the CNAME Value which you’ve copied from inCMS. As for the host you should put your chosen subdomain without the whole domain.

Now it’s important to save your changes.

Go back to inCMS and click on "Complete".

You can do this as well with domains that are hosted in the SMM Apps.

I'll add a new subdomain to the website and copy the CNAME. I go the the corresponding Domain in the Domain Manger.

Here I can add my own records.

As for the name, I fill in the desired Sub-Domain, again without the whole domain. I choose CNAME as the recordtype and insert the CNAME Value.

Click on Save and Close. It can take up to 24h until the domain is online.