How to add a domain - which option?

If you want to add a real domain to your website you can choose one of four options.

You can either buy a domain with inCMS, add an existing one with external nameservers or transfer an existing domain to inCMS.

Furthermore you could add a subdomain.

The first question is: do you already have a domain?

If not, we suggest buying one with inCMS.

We recommend this option because it's by far the easiest method.

To buy a domain, click on "add" in the domains toolbar and type in a domain.

The following steps are explained in another video. Click here

In case you've already got a domain, the option you'll take depends on whether you're already using E-Mail or not.

If you already have a domain and use E-Mail, we recommend to add a domain with your current external nameserver.

Choose the second option and watch the video where the following steps are explained. Click here

If not we suggest to transfer the domain to us.

Click on the last option and watch the explainer video to see the other steps. Click here

Finally you have the possibility to add a subdomain.

This is the perfect solution for a landing page but it requires a bit more knowledge about nameservers.

Click on the third option to add a subdomain with an external nameserver and check out the other video where the following steps are explained. Click here