Icons can make your website more visually attractive and they can help your website visitor to find the information they're looking for more quickly. In inCMS there are 2 main options to add icons: with help of the text editor or with the Smart Icon Smartbox. 

Icons in the text editor

For this option: add or edit a text field. In the text editor, click on either the omega-symbol or on the icons-button (the water drop with the text icons next to it). 

The omega-symbol brings you to icons like you will have in most word processing programs (currency, Greek symbols, some basic arrows, etc.). The water drop icon button will bring you to many more graphical options. 

A menu appears from which you can select the icon you'd like to use. 


After selecting the icon, you can design it the same way as you design your text (changing size, font, color, etc.). You can add icons to text or you can create a text element for just one icon and place it in a multi column grid if you'd like a big sized icon and 'normal' text next to it. 

Note: for icons from the icon-button, it could be easier to set the color on the pop up menu showing all icon options.

Smart Icon Smartbox (Font Awesome Icons)

Alternatively, you can insert the Smart Icon SmartBox. Click on the plus symbol, go to the section "Layout" -> "SmartBox" and select "Smart Icon". If this SmartBox is not available for your website, download the .json file (see down below) and import in into your website.

A popup menu appears. Click on the link, to go to the Font Awesome Icons website. Here you see an overview of all icons that are available (for free). Search / browse for the icon of your liking. Copy the name (without the "fa-" part) and insert this in the popup menu in inCMS under Icon Name. Now, set size, color and alignment to your liking and click "save and close". 

Here is an example of how you could design icons and text on your website. It is a "nonsense" example, meant to show the design-possibilities. You could get the same result using the text editor option, instead of the Smart Icon SmartBox option. However, the SmartBox option might be easier for you to create a nice design.

In editor mode:

In preview mode:

We hope you'll like these options in inCMS. In case of any questions, please contact us at support@swissmademarketing.com.

For more information on how to import a SmartBox into your website, click here: Import and export SmartBoxes.