LocalBizProfit is not compatible with WordPress or other systems. LocalBizProfit uses its own software (inCMS) to create websites. These websites are hosted in the Amazon cloud, so we can guarantee consistent quality for our customers.

It is not possible to use WordPress plugins. inCMS comes with its own plugins. We call them “modules”. Frequently used modules are: 

  • Text, images and layout grids 
  • Colorful boxes and buttons 
  • YouTube module with lots of configuration options 
  • Form module to create contact forms and more 
  • Social Media modules, to integrate like buttons, comment boxes and more 
  • Beautiful image galleries 
  • Slideshow module 
  • Download-directory module 
  • Sitemap module to display the menu structure or the current path 
  • Blog module, including automatically publishing and deactivating messages (by date) 
  • Password protected content 
  • PayPal buttons 
  • Source code module, to integrate external script elements such as Google maps 
  • CrossSignup module, to integrate autoresponder code 

Template library: LocalBizProfit has a growing library of complete "ready-made" website templates with professional content (copy and images) that are also optimized for performance. 

Ranking: A LocalBizProfit / inCMS site can rank as well as any on Word Press. The ranking factors haven’t changed. On-page optimization, good quality original content, links and social media, are all independent of the platform being used. 

Hosting: WordPress is installed on your hosting company's servers. You have to take care of the configuration and updates of your WordPress installation. Your LocalBizProfit / inCMS websites are hosted on the Amazon Cloud Front. This provides all the advantages that it implies, including: speed, reliability, redundancy, security, maintenance, updates etc., all handled for you at no additional cost. 

More advantages: LocalBizProfit is more than a web site building platform. It is a proven business model. The major advantage is being able to host multiple websites on a single platform, which allows the LocalBizProfit user to not only charge a client setup fees but also build recurring income from hosting fees that are traditionally paid to a hosting service. The LocalBizProfit business owner pays one subscription fee which is more than recovered by a single client.