If you use LocalBizProfit Pro or Agency, you can easily set up a user login for your customer. There are two possibilities:

#1: If you create a new website and you already know that your customer would like to edit his site at a later date, you can set up his user login right away: Click on “add website”. This opens a new tab. Enter your website details and choose a template. Select the check box “new user” and enter your customer’s details. Click on “create website”. 

#2: If your website is already created and you would like to set up a user login at a later date, please proceed as follows: 

  • Login to LocalBizProfit and click on your website. This opens a new tab. 
  • Go to the section “User”. Your admin user details are set by default. Please overwrite these details by entering your customer’s user name, first name, last name and e-mail. 
  • Click “save” (this is very important). 
  • Click “reset login for”. This opens a new window. 
  • Enter a new password and click on “save and close”. 
  • Save and close the Administration screen. The next time you open the Administration screen, the new user's info will be visible in the user section. 

Your customer is now able to login to his inCMS website. In order to open the login screen, simply add “/incms” to the end of your inCMS domain. For example: http://yourdomain.incms.net/incms. If you already added a domain to your website, the login link reads as follows: http://yourdomain.com/incms 

Note: Your customer is only able to login to his inCMS website. He is not able to login to your LocalBizProfit account.