You can set a favicon for your inCMS website. The favicon has to be an .ico or .png file. The maximum size of the image is 144px, both in width and height. It’s recommended to use quadratic icons. 

Login to your inCMS website. Upload the favicon file under ‘Files’ (in the menu on the left). Then, click on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Design’ -> ‘Lay-out’. This opens a new tab. Go to the section ‘Favicon’ (at the top). Click on the text ‘favicon.ico’. This opens a new window. Here you can select the favicon file you’ve uploaded. Click on ‘choose’. Confirm with ‘save and close’.  

Every browser caches the favicon. However, the caching time can vary between several hours and 2 days. That's why the new favicon does not display immediately. This is not a bug, but a caching issue. You can either clear your browser cache or just wait. You can always check if the correct favicon is linked by adding /favicon.ico to the end of the domain's url.