Blog posts

To create a new blog post, click here on the "News" Module.

On a page you only insert a place-holder for blog posts to appear. To do this, click on the green plus icon and then choose "News".

Here you can set the design template - simply choose the default one - and the number of articles to be shown per page.

To write a new article you can click here on the "News" Module and then on "Show all news".

If you have already created several articles, you would see them here in this list, filtered by the folders "Active", "Not published" and "Archive".

The easiest way to create a new Post is by clicking "Add News Post". Choose this if you only have a simple text and optionally one image for this post.

Here you can see the basic settings, for example when the blog post should be published. If you leave the "End" date empty, the post will be published indefinitely.

In addition you could make this post entry simply link to an internal page. This may be useful if you want to highlight a specific page within your website.

Here you can add a picture, which will appear next to the text.

Click on the "English" tab, to write the text. You can enter a page title and a short text. Then you can write the text which appears when you click on "Read more".


Click on "Save and close" and the new article is now in the list.

If a simple news post with only a text and one image is not enough, you have the ability to create an enhanced news page, on which you can add all the content you wish - just as you would on a normal web page. With this option you can add as many images, texts, videos and so on.


Click here on "Add News Page".

Now you can see the same basic settings as before. But when you click on "Read more", you will get to a page, which you can create and edit here.

This page is based on a template, which is already included in your Website in the folder named "News". The new created news page will also be added as a new page to this folder.


You can design this page individually and click on "Save and close". The article is now in the list as well.