Adapt the design

With inCMS you can adapt the design of your website easily.

You can add content and insert different elements or you can modify the menu.

In addition you can edit the page settings.

If you modify a main page, all sub-pages will adopt the change.

For example if you change something on the product page, it will be automatically changed on the gallery page as well.

If you want to modify all pages at once, you can just modify this main page. All the changes on this page, will be adopted by all the pages.

Click on this button with the small pencil on it.

You can define the layout of the website here. Whatever change you make here will always be the default for all the other pages on your website.

You can decide whether the page has one, two or three columns.

By clicking on Landing page, you are able to create a design-independent page, which would be the perfect solution for a landing page.

Here you can insert java script or the Google Analytics code.

Click on Save and close and can go to settings and layout to make further modifications.

Here you can change the background colour with this button.

Next you can decide whether the background image should be repeated or not.

Further you can add rounded corners. 

By entering the number zero, the round corners will disappear.

Finally you can add and modify shadows.

If you click on Preview you'll see all the recent modifications.