Transform an SECockpit keyword list into a website (for customers who use AffiliateBizProfit as well as SECockpit)

With AffiliateBizProfit you have the ability to transform a keyword list into a website. First you can view the sitemap of a website. With this arrow icon you can open the entire website sitemap. Now you can drag a keyword from your list onto your website with drag&drop.

You can drag it onto an existing page or onto the domain to create a new page.

Next you can select what you want to do with this keyword.

For example you can adapt the upper and lower case and you can click here if you want to create a new sub-page.

Now you can see the newly created page as the last item in this menu level.

You can refresh the website in inCMS to see the new page here as well.

Next you can define the order of the website structure with drag&drop. 

If you now click on the keyword, you can see, that the navigation was automatically adapted.

Maybe you want to drag and drop further sub-keywords to the newly created main pages. 

As you can see the new pages are not published yet. In the page settings you can change that.

If you now have similar variations of keywords and you don’t want to create a new page for them, you can just drag them onto an existing page and then click here.

Now you can hover over the pages in the sitemap and then you can see all assigned keyword variations as quick tips. 

In addition all variations are shown in inCMS in the page settings in the keywords Meta field too.

Finally you can create sub-pages by dragging a keyword onto an existing page and then you can click here to create a new sub-page.

By the way you can set the default home page here in the website settings.

So with AffiliateBizProfit you can create a website structure easily out of your keyword ideas.