Add a Sub-Domain

With Localbizprofit or any other inCMS application you can add a sub-domain to your website.

This is the perfect solution for a landing page. With help of a template you can easily create a landing page.You can pick one you like and confirm with a double click. Now give the newly created Website an inCMS Domain and a name.

Then confirm with the option „create website“.

In a next step click on the website to get to the preferences. 

Here click on "Add Domains" and select the last option.

Now type in the sub-domain for your landing page and click on "Continue".

InCMS is now displaying your C-Name for the sub-domain. Make sure you copy that value.

Next go to your domain host, select your domain and go to the advanced DNS options. 

Now you should add a new CNAME Record and type in the C-Name Value which you’ve copied from inCMS. As for the host you can simply put a www.

Now it’s important to save your changes.

Go back to inCMS and click on "Complete".

It can take up to 24h until the domain is online.