Add a domain with external nameservers

If you want to add a domain to your website with external nameservers, click on "Add Domains" and choose the third option.

Now type in your domain.

Next type in your nameservers.

In case you don't know them, go to any „Whois“ Lookup Service.

Here you can type in your domain and the name servers will be shown.

Copy them into inCMS and click on "Continue".

Now go back to your domain host, select your domain and go the advanced DNS options.

Finally go back to Localbizprofit and copy the host records to your Domain Host.

The two Host Records are the decisive factor that people will land on your page by typing in your domain with a „www“ or without. That’s why there are two Records. You can additionally delete the old records, to make sure there will be no source of irritation. 

Go back to Localbizprofit and click on "Complete".

It can take up to 24h until the domain is online.